Taranga hills | Laxmi vilas Palace | Shamlaji | Talaja caves


Day 1 Arrival in Ahmedabad. Check into the hotel and refresh. Depart for Taranga hills, through Vadnagar. In Vadnagar, has 2 ancient Monasteries dating back from 7th to 2nd century AD and Hills, 20 km from Vadnagar, on the Aravali range, harbours profound connections with Buddhism. The main idols enshrined in the Taranmata and Dharanmata temples are of Buddhist goddess Tara. Broken terracotta images of Buddha, four carved images of Dhyani Buddha on a stone plate, stone and brick walls inside rock shelters, etc. Have been discovered from here. Return to Ahmedabad for night halt.
Day 2 Depart for Shamlaji early in the morning. Shamlaji the remains of a Buddhist monastery belonging to 3rd-4th century AD have been unearthed from Dev ni Mori, about two km from Shamlaji. The presence of a stupa and monastery has reconfirmed that during the early centuries of Christian era, there had been a strong presence of Buddhists in Vadnagar. Excavating of the stupa brought to light an inscribed casket which contained relics of Budhha. The inscription clearly mentions that the casket contains bodily relics of Buddha. In the evening, we’ll drive to Vadodara for night halt.
Day 3 Early in the morning visit the Kadia Dungar caves near Vadodara. The 7 rock cut caves found here are estimated to be used as Viharas during the 1st and 2nd century, visit museums like M.S. UNIVERSTIY museum, which houses bodily relics and many old excavated idols from “Dev ni Mori” Near Shamlaji. Visit Laxmi vilas Palace and night halt in Vadodara.
Day 4 Move towards Bhavnagar and visit the Talaja caves near Palitana. Night halt in Bhavnagar. 
Day 5 Today we shall visit the Khapra Kodia, Baba Pyara caves in Uperkot fort, Junagadh along with Ashokan edicts. Night halt in Junagadh
Day 6 Today we shall travel towards Rajkot, and on way we will visit the Khambalida caves Near Gondal. At Khambhalida there are three caves, the central one being a 'Chaitya' with a worn out stupa. The entrance of the Chaitya is flanked by two large sculptures of the Bodhisatvas - Padmapani on the right and Vajrapani on the left. These caves dates back to 4th-5th century AD and are scooped out from the local limestone rock. Night halt in Rajkot
Day 7 Today we shall depart for Bhuj. Check into the hotel and rest of the day at leisure. Shop around the neighbourhood. Night halt in Bhuj
Day 8 Depart for Siyot caves in the extreme west of Kutch. Dated around the first century AD, Siyot Caves have an east facing sanctum and an ambulatory. Siyot must have been one of the 80 monastic sites that the 7th century Chinese travellers reported at the mouth of Indus River. Night halt in Bhuj
Day 9 Departure from Bhuj to Ahmedabad. Check into hotel and refresh. After refreshing in the hotel please visit the L.D institute of Indology for more details of Buddhism and end your day at leisure. 
Day 10 Departure as per schedule. Drop at Railway station / Airport


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