Sambhavnath Jain derasar | jagvallabh jain temple


Day 1 Arrival in Ahmedabad early in morning. Check into the hotel and refresh. Then we shall depart to some very old jain temples in and around Ahmedabad to pray. Hutheesinh temple, Sambhavnath Jain derasar, jagvallabh jain temple etc. If time permits we can also visit the Jain heritage walk. In the evening Visit the Koba Jain temple where there is a wonderful museum about Jain sculptures, scriptures and many old religious materials
Day 2 Early in the morning after breakfast we shall depart for Kumbhariaji. Kumbhariaji, which is located just a few kilometres ahead of Ambaji, dates back to 11th century has 5 main shrines of Mahavir, Shantinath, Parshvanath, and Neminath and Shambhavnath respectively. Visit the temples and later on night stay in Poshina Darbargadh palace.
Day 3 If you wish, you can also visit the kumbharia temple again and Ambaji temple along with nearby sightseeing. Night halt in Poshina.
Day 4 Today we shall depart, for Taranga Jain temple, which has the main idol of Ajitnath bhagwan which is almost 9ft 2” in height. This temple dates back to 13 century and we shall later on move to Shankeshwar parshwanath temple which is an important jain temple in North Gujarat. End the day at Dasada. 
Day 5 Depart towards Mandvi. Reach the resort by evening and go to 72 Jinalaya for Darshan. Enjoy the evening at the beach. Night halt in Mandvi
Day 6 Go for early morning worship in the temple and later on move towards Naliya region in western kutch. This pilgrimage place belongs to the group of the five pilgrimage places of the Abadasa Taluk of Kutch. Built by Seth Narsinh Natha in the year 1897 of the Vikram era, this temple with sixteen huge peaks and fourteen pavilions was known as - "Vir Vasahi". In the compound of this temple, there are temples of Bhagawan Shantinath and of Astapad. The beautiful carving on the stones and glass work of this temple are famous for its special workmanship. Return to Bhuj for night halt.
Day 7 Jamnagar is well known for its four marble Jain temples: Vardhman Shah's Temple, Raisi Shah's Temple, Sheth's Temple, and Vasupujya Swami's Temple. All were built between 1574 and 1622. There are more than 30 Jain Temples in Jamnagar. Spend the night in Jamnagar
Day 8 reach Junagadh by evening and refresh. Visit the nearby local sightseeing and rest in the evening to wake up early in the morning to climb Girnar
Day 9 Girinar Hill is a famous sidhh kshetra. There are 5 tonks on the hill. A way goes to sahartaramavan ( the diksha place of bhagwan Neminatha). The footprints of bhagwan Neminatha could be seen here. One has to climb 4400 steps to reach first tonk; 900 steps from 1st to 2nd tonk; 700 steps from 2nd to 3rd; 2500 steps from 3rd to 5th and 1499 steps from 1st to sahartaramavan. 3rd to 4 th tonk is to be covered on natural way climbing the stones. Night halt in Junagadh.
Day 10 Depart for Palitana after breakfast to reach Palitana by evening. In between we shall visit a few jain temples like Mahua etc. Reach Palitana by evening and rest.
Day 11 Wake up early morning to climb Shetrunjay hill and visit Palitana. Return down by afternoon. Take rest in the resort and later on visit smaller temples in evening
Day 12 Reach Ahmedabad by afternoon and free time for shopping. 
Day 13 Departure as per schedule.


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